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Strategic Operational Savings for Prominent Healthcare Institution


The one image that occurred to our East Coast healthcare client as they contemplated the condition of their medical library was “junk drawer.” Disorganized, costly, unevenly supplied and staffed, they turned to HPC’s Library Management Service (LMS) to help make their library into the “toolbox” it needed to be for their medical staff, residents, and patients.

Each year this institution, which includes a prominent university medical center, sees about 13,000 patient admissions and employs a medical staff of 1,100 along with 260 residents. The library supports the entire health system and is housed at the university medical center. A highly functioning and efficient library is paramount to patient care and staff success.

HPC’s service began with a top-to-bottom analysis of their library with a focus on:

  • measuring their current spend and annual budget
  • valuing the amount and status of pending payments and open invoices
  • understanding the needs of stakeholders who most utilized the library
  • identifying staffing requirements to manage the library
  • cataloging their existing collection, understanding the utilization of content, and gathering information for future content needs

HPC initially made a series of recommendations to the health system that would improve the operational management of the library, provide a full-time remote medical librarian, and resolve media, subscription content, and other resource issues uncovered during the initial analysis. In addition, we developed a new web portal for user search requests.

Our goal was to achieve a 31% budget reduction within two years. In fact, we’ve achieved a 34% reduction— and we are on track to reduce costs for a third year in a row. Had this institution continued without our assistance, the library budget was on track to have doubled by now. Ultimately, HPC has dramatically reduced costs and avoided significant wasteful spending while increasing usability, providing better resources, freeing up valuable hospital real estate by transitioning the physical library to a 100% digital model, and helping the institution maintain its prestigious Magnet Status—which is critical in drawing patients, medical staff, and residents to their institution. Their library is now better supplied for their needs, offers expanded (better) access to an expert medical librarian, provides faster service, and operates at a lower budget. Better. Faster. Cheaper.

As our customer’s Director of Nursing stated, “We are very satisfied! HPC’s librarian has been exceptional and the web portal is so helpful! Thank you!”                 

HPC’s Library Management helps customers that need to: consolidate multiple libraries; reduce full-time librarian positions but still need professional oversight; or need extra support with day-to-day research assistance or other library functions. We can manage your library’s budget, make purchasing decisions, oversee subscription renewals, and provide expert evidence-based research guidance as well as day-to-day general library assistance to support staff and patrons. Plus, our LMS is customizable to meet your institutional model and ideal level of service. Total library management or simply extra help during the busy season, HPC can do as much or as little as you need.

In addition to Library Management Service, HPC offers an Association Management Service (to save money on memberships, conferences, and continuing education) and a Media Management Service (to cut costs on books and other publications). If any of these services are areas where your business could use help, please contact us. We’re happy to help. 

Contact our team at (219) 922-4868, email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or learn more at www.hiltonpub.com.



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Tuesday, 07 April 2020