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New Contract with Midwestern Health System

hilton publishing

Organizations expend valuable time and resources effectively tracking and centrally managing their spend on association memberships, subscriptions, and conferences. HPC saves clients time and money by centralizing this category of purchasing through our AMS solution.

We recently began work for a Midwestern health system. After our initial analysis, we concluded that the system would spend $1MM more maintaining the status quo for the next three years than engaging HPC to provide necessary oversight and support services.

Additionally, for each year post engagement, the system will realize a $1MM savings on their existing vendor spend. Not only that, hundreds of the system’s employees will realize time savings; managers, supervisors, executive assistants and Accounts Payable staff, etc.  And, their staff will now have access to HPC’s “concierge service” with getting the books, associations, conferences and subscriptions they need at the most affordable price.

Why choose HPC?

  • We identify and help clients eliminate duplication, excess spending, late payments and underutilized memberships and subscriptions.
  • We take over the tedious administrative tasks – registering staff for conferences, negotiating pricing with vendors – so that our clients can focus on other more important priorities.
  • We negotiate better membership terms to maximize client benefits, create new processes that streamline vendor payments and supervisor approvals, improve checks and balances, track usage, and report total spending and savings back to our clients.

You will continue to make your own membership choices and preferences as you see fit. HPC will work in the background to help monitor organizational spend and maximize potential benefit.

Is this an area your business could use help in?

Contact our team at (219) 922-4868 or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Monday, 06 April 2020